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How To Order Games

FUN YOURS game shop offers only one payment methad for purchasing games.
When you purchase game from this store ,your product will be deliver by rejstered mall only.
More details about purchasing game process below.
1、Decide which product you want to buy and click total expenditure at first.
   About ouline of our products.Look at product list below.
2、Going to post office,receive postal transfer deposit form from post officer.
   Write down these details to complete your order.
3、See the note of postal transfer deposit form below.
Postal transfer deposit account:22710500
Postal transfer deposit account name: FUN YOURS Technology Co.,Ltd
Postal transfer cost:(Up to your order ,which product you have orderd & outlay.)
Write down really name of recipient,deliver addresss,phone number for communication.
And note on the communction bar of postal transfer deposit form about…
Purchased product's name and quantity.
We are pleased that thank you for buying our products.
4、Complete postal transfer deposit form,submit postal transfer deposit form with cash to post officer.
   All of postal transfer process is completed.
5、After the settlement of account verified by post office,
   Your order will be ready for shipment by rejstered mall.
  (Shipment whin one week working days.)

Note1:Please send e-mail to us if you not receive the products within the delivery time mentioned above.
Welcome consulting deliver process to us by e-mail./Welcome using e-mail for consulting deliver process to us.
Outline of mail for consulting deliver process.Please..
Note your name of recipient,shipment address,contacting phone numbers and purchased product's name with the day you pay in.
Our client service  click

Note2:If shipment twce without recipient received,acknowledgement will send to recipient from post office.
Going to assigned post office or asigned others place with acknowledgement that can received your goods.
About any acknowledgement and questions of receive goods, click to Chunghwa Post Co.,Ltd. For consulting.

★ You may want to receive goods quickly,after purchasing process are finished.
  Send a copy of transfer deposit certificate and write down your name,shipment address,
  contacting phone numbers and purchased product's name, item quantities.
  Fax copy of transfer deposit certificate to the phone number below for shipment fast.
  Fax number:(04)2322-2971
★ Gifts for purchasing games.
  The special gift-"BoBo " (Puzzle video game )for purchasing game now!
  (But except purchase game strategy guide or BoBo.)

◎Introduction of Wind Fantasy series,about game features and more!!

Personal Unique Skills:
Each character has access to a variety of personal unique skills in Wind Fantasy,
the wonder is that each of these can be synthesize with combat system and nick skills.
Any given nick skill can be upgraded to a star rank, meaning that without a special skill it is maxed out.
However, if you learn specific, rare and powerful skills, it is possible to synthesize a high level unique skill.
Once synthesized in the battle, it will acquire new abilities in power or function.
You can then upgrade it to star level again. Once there, the unique can be synthesizng use into the character's combat skills.

The Particular Master Quest Of Characters/A Behind-the-scenes Story For Each Character:
Wind Fantasy is great fantasy role-playing game where you follow a leading character look around the amazing world for
searching their dreams,achieving destiny or going on adventures.
At the story of each characters,has hold different situation,warries,dream and ambition.
Players follow each character as he travels around the wonderful world, visiting a number of different country,
each with their own unique ecosystem populated by various unusual creatures and belief.
Play enjoyably to read behind-the-scenes story of them that find out a secret of characters and open up additional challenges.
You may be softened into tears or gaive loud laugh for the stories.
We offer over 12 sorts of characters' high-quality cut-scenes and cinematics in Wind Fantasy series' games.

Extra Quests,Part And Side Quests:
Tons of battles, magic spells,side quest and endless play .
Walk the winding path of over ten different characters in this strategy RPG in complete of legendary quest.

Game Performance/System/Interface:
Easy, intuitive and effective combat system.Requirement of lower hardware equipment and unbelievable performance!!
Full 3D make emerges high quality performance in Wind Fantasy series!

Special Gift:
Every copy of Wind Fantasy series is a special extra set which includes a soundtrack CD featuring
beautiful compositions from the games score ,deluxe large size poster,particular characters' cards,
digital picture album,plates,poster,or The art of Wind Fantasy,original painting data,so on....
They all possible be a gift for purchasing Wind Fantasy's product!!Getting big win today,you cannot miss it!!